The Creepy Way Of Finding Out Who Unfriended You On Facebook

Ever get the feeling the number of friends you have on Facebook is dwindling?

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Facebook is a social media platform that breeds plenty of paranoia already, but this app could be about to crank that up another notch.

It’s called Who Deleted Me and, once installed on your phone, the app is designed to track your Facebook friends lists.

Crucially, it also notifies you in the event that anyone decided to remove you from their online social media circle.

Simply login and the app will make a note of your list of friends, which will be updated every time you log on and compared to the previous day’s.

It will also let you know if those who have exited your Facebook circle of trust have either deactivated your account or, worse still, removed you for unspecified reasons.

It’s exactly the sort of addition that could see your Facebook stalking into overdrive because everyone, whether they care to admit it or not, loves a bit of Facebook stalking.

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The app also lets you know when your friends last logged on, just incase they are dodging any time-sensitive messages.

Available on Chrome and Firefox as well as Apple and Android, it’s free to download and could change the way you use Facebook…for the worse.

Don’t say we didn’t try to warn you.

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