The Creepy Girl From The Ring Is Absolutely Stunning Now

Daveigh Chase looks a LOT different 15 years on.

The Ring's Daveigh Chase
The Ring's Daveigh Chase Here's what she looks like now Image Dreamworks

Creepy kids have played key roles in some of the biggest horror movies ever made – think Regan in The Exorcist, those weird twins in The Shining, and most terrifying of all, Samara Morgan from The Ring.

The Ring made us scared to use our VHS machines back in 2002, and Samara became one of the most distinctive film characters of the decade.

In one of her first movies, US actress Daveigh Chase terrified film fans in the demonic role.

Nearly 15 years on, the actress looks very different.

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The stunning 26-year-old has gone to have a successful acting career, and built on her early roles.

A prolific child star, Daveigh also had roles in Donnie Darko and ER, and since then has provided the voice of Lilo in Disney’s Lilo & Stitch and starred in Bill Paxton’s HBO series Big Love.

She starred in the follow up to Donnie Darko too, called S Darko. The cult movie picks up seven years after the events of the movie, and sees Daveigh play Donnie’s younger sister Samantha.

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The is a hit on social media too. The blonde stunner is always sharing content with her 40,000 followers on Instagram.

Daviegh’s appeared in movies American Romance and Jack Goes Home in 2016, and at just 26, we can still expect big things from her.

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