The Country Is In The Midst Of A ‘Fake Orgasm’ Epidemic

1 in 10 British women fake climaxes every week.

In the bedroom
In the bedroom A surprisingly large number of people do this Image Pinterest

The country is in the grips of a terrible crisis, and it’s affecting millions of us every single day.

No, we’re not talking about the arrival of Brexit, or Donald Trump almost starting WWIII, or anything like that… we’re talking about something much more important – fake orgasms.

That’s right, the UK is suffering a terrible ‘fake orgasm’ epidemic, with an estimated 100 million orgasms being faked every single week.

Condom brand Durex has conducted a new study, which has unearthed some pretty worrying stats about Briton’s sex lives.

According to the research, two out of three British women fail to climax during sex, while one in ten admit that they fake orgasms at least once a week.

Why do guys always want sex in the morning?


So what’s the reason behind it? Well, things such as boredom, or wanting to please a partner have been blamed.

While 100m sounds like an incredibly high number, it’s easy to see how faking climax could quickly become a major problem for couples.

Not everyone across the country is suffering with fake orgasms though. According to the research, 71 percent of people claims to know exactly how to pleasure their partner in the right way.

The remaining 29% though might want to think about trying to up their game…

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