The Collected Movie Wisdoms of Hollywood Hurricane Nicolas Cage

Cage has quite a way with words...

Nicolas Cage getting out of a car.Image Getty

Nicolas Cage is a one-man movie-making phenomenon, responsible for some of the most deranged performances ever put to screen.

Face/Off, Con Air, The Rock, Gone In 60 Seconds, Snake Eyes, Bad Lieutenant and even Wicker Man – he’s got an incredible CV boasting some of the most brilliantly absurd movies ever made.

He’s also responsible for uttering some brilliantly bonkers lines down the years. Lines that offer inspiration, advice and abstract guidance for everyday life.

Little wonder then that someone decided to compile a book chronicling The Wisdom of Nicolas Cage. Combining brilliant Cage-based artwork with some of his most memorable utterances. here are just a few of our

Because no Cage movie worth its salt can go by without at least one memorable scene involving Cage losing his sh*t.

It’s a reminder of the actor Cage once was and the cult figure he continues to be, thanks in no small part to viral hits like the famous YouTube compilation “Nicolas Cage loses his sh*t.”

Compiled from several memorable turns down the years, the video helped cultivate the cult of Cage and also happens to be damn funny. Much like this book.

Cage has been a little quiet of late though, with several of his more recent movie efforts failing to even reach cinemas, such as U.S.S. Indianapolis, the story behind one of the US Navy’s greatest military disasters.

That movie, in particular, garnered negative reviews though it’s not the first from the Cage vaults to get lambasted by the critics. He’s clearly a fan favourite.


There’s always a chance of a turnaround though, with Cage capable of pulling out a few pretty good performances along the way, as anyone who saw Kick Ass or Joe can attest too.

Cage just hasn’t had a lot of luck this time round, or a big break. Perhaps Quentin Tarantino would consider casting him in his next movie? It worked for John Travolta. Up to a point.


Regardless of that with this kind of following behind him and plenty of roles up for grabs, loaded has a feeling Cage will be back to his crazed best soon enough.

In the meantime, enjoy these inspired Cage artworks and celebrate a career that has already given us so much mayhem.

God bless you, Nicolas Cage, you mad, crazy, brilliant genius.

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