Why Is The ‘Butt Phone’ Suddenly Becoming So Popular?

This has to be the crappiest phone ever.

The phone is wildly popular with the criminal crowd Image AFP/Getty

There’s a £27 mobile for sale on Amazon that is being called the ‘butt phone’ because… well, because its small enough to fit in your arse.

The ‘Beat the Boss Phone’ is a micro-cellphone hailed as the smallest in the world. It’s about the length of an index finger, and according to the product description, it was created to help those suffering from ‘sore hand or shoulder’ answer the phone. Yeah, okay… [via boingboing.net]

We’d say that’s a pretty abysmal cover for its true purpose, which is pretty grim.

Gravitis Limited

Due to the lack of metal in the phone and its tiny size, it’s a perfect item for smuggling into prisons and courthouses chock full of metal detectors. Commenters are hailing the mobile not only for its bluetooth capability and backlight display, but also its keen ability to fit in their bums.

Aside from being the butt of everyone’s joke, it actually works pretty well and can help if you’re traveling or at a festival. But, let’s face it. This is for criminals to get up to more bullshit behind bars.

Gravitis Limited

We’re not sure if law enforcement has become aware of the existence of such a device, hopefully they’re on the case.

Until then, enjoy the hilarious musings of Amazon’s customer reviews section.




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