The Breakfast Pizza Is Now A Thing, And It Sounds Glorious

Starting the year off right

Yes please

Cold pizza for breakfast is a staple food after a long night out, but now our friends in the US of A have found a gross/amazing way to combine the most important meal of the day with the legendary pizza pie.

American convenience store chain 7-Eleven has introduced the ‘breakfast pizza’, reports website Quick Jabs, and we think it sounds like a food hybrid to write home about. 

Called the AM Sunrise Breakfast Pizza, the pie starts with a flaky biscuit crust, topped with creamy gravy, sprinkles of chunky sausages, eggs, bacon, and ham. All the accoutrements of early morning fare.

Check the glorious creation below.


Would you try it? Image Quick Jabs 7-Eleven


The toppings reflect the American south’s gastronomy, which include sausage, biscuits and gravy in a selection of daily meals.

You can buy this treat whole for $5.99, or by the slice for two bucks if you’re peckish.

Right now, the breakfast pizza is making its way across the US, showing up in both west coast and east coast branches of the convenience chain.


We’d like a UK option soon please, we must try this.

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