The Booze And Takeaway We’ll Be Ordering Now Dry January Is Over

A massive upsurge in delivery orders and pub visits is predicted this weekend.

A selection of curry dishes.
Curry Damn, that looks good. Image Just Eat

Dry January is officially over and with pay day just been and gone, experts are predicting a massive surge in the amount of booze and takeaways being consumed over the coming weekend.

Research put together by Jinn shows that the end of an entire month without alcohol could spark mass celebrations of sorts, as people everywhere flock to the pub to reward themselves for a job well done over the past few weeks.

Nowhere will this be more keenly felt than in London, with the Jinn survey showing that around 44 per cent of people living in the capital are planning to launch straight back into a heady mix of alcohol and oh-so-naughty food.

When quizzed on which drinks in particular these Big Smoke dwellers were most looking forward to lashing down, beer came out on top with 29.57 per cent of the vote, followed closely by Wine on 18.69 per cent and Prosecco on 12.31 per cent. 

Image thewordofmatus

Gin was the most popular spirit just ahead of Rum and Vodka in the research, which also highlighted the takeaway options that would be in most demand. 

When it came to the capital, Chinese came out on top with 23.5 per cent of the vote, just ahead of Pizza (20.3 per cent), Indian (14.6 per cent) and Fish and Chips (14.4 per cent).

They were closely followed by late night post-pub favourites like fried chicken (11.6 per cent) and the humble kebab (11.4 per cent).

Image McDonald's

All told, it amounts to one hell of a weekend and a couple of days that could take a heavy toll on our wallets, our waistlines and, most likely, our toilets.

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