The Best Places For Holiday Sex Have Been Revealed

The nation's holiday sex habits make for pretty interesting reading

Sex on the beach
Sex on the beach What's the most popular spot for outdoor sex?

A romantic getaway can be the best possible way for couples to spend time together. It’s the perfect chance to get away, chill out and… well, have sex.

Trips away can often provide boosts to people’s sex lives, and holiday company Twiddy has just released interesting data about the subject.

2,000 people were quizzed about their holiday sex habits, and they came up with some pretty revealing answers.

When asked where they liked to have sex with their partners, contributors said, unsurprisingly, that the bed was the most popular choice.

However, while 51% said the bed was their preferred place to get intimate, more the adventurous opted for the hot tub (8.2%), the beach (7.8%) and the shower (6.5%).

A picture of an exotic island.


A few highflyers even said they preferred to have sex on a boat on holiday. Not all of us can afford such a luxury though…

Breaks are a great way for new relationships to grow too. The stats show that 1 in 4 casual daters actually expect sex every day over the course of a week-long holiday.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that couples feel a ‘glow’ lasting around a day after sex. The new data also suggests that couples who enjoy romantic holidays with frequent sex experience heightened feelings of closeness for ‘a few weeks to a month’ afterwards.

The sexiest types of holiday were also revealed, with 62.4% of people saying that tropical beach holidays were the most romantic, followed by ‘cabin in the woods’ (22.5%) and cruise (7.8%).

Anyway, we’re off to book some time off work and get a holiday organised…

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