The best of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke

As Adele is the latest star to sit in the passenger seat, we look back at the best guests so far.

Sometimes all you need is a star in a car to get some of the best telly seen over the past twelve months.

James Corden and The Late Late Show came up with the Carpool Karaoke concept shortly after he took on the biggest talk show in the States, and now singers are scrambling to get a spin with the former star of Gavin and Stacey.

What’s truly appealing about the segments is the absolute joy on Corden’s face each time he gets to sing with everyone from One Direction to Rod Stewart and Jennifer Hudson while cruising around the streets of LA.

But this week saw Corden land the cream of the crop when the ever elusive Adele hopped in for a chauffeur driven sing song around the streets of her native London.

Who could he possibly have up his sleeve for the next installement?

Here, Loaded takes a look at the best Carpool Karaokes so far.





While home for his Christmas break, Corden managed to get Adele to agree to a spin around town while belting out some of her biggest hits to date. While Corden usually belts out the notes, it’s clear to see he was pretty overwhelmed by Adele’s pipes and knew that trying to match her would be a fruitless exercise. Adele, meanwhile, tells stories about getting pissed on wine while waiting for a friend in a restaurant and paying for the meal of a family at the table beside her. A car journey we wouldn’t mind hitching a lift on.


One Direction

Yes, it’s pop heavy, but Corden’s journey through the streets of LA with the boyband is where he truly came into his own. He sings the band’s biggest hits word for word and you get the impression that his knowledge of their back catalogue didn’t come from a last minute revision session before they arrived. It seems the 1D boys would be perfectly content with Corden replacing Zayn in the line-up.


Rod Steward & A$AP Rocky 

Although this one would have worked just as well with just Stewart in the car, his recent collaboration with Rocky meant there was an extra passenger towards the end. Throughout, you get the feeling the presenter can’t quite believe his luck as Rod belts out songs including First Cut Is The Deepest and Maggie while sitting beside him. The sort of stuff to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. At one point Corden declares: “This is the greatest thing that I have ever done.”


Justin Bieber

2015 was the year Justin Bieber endeavoured to redeem himself and it has to be said that the little twerp doesn’t come across half bad during this segment. Corden is happy as Larry while belting out Baby and Bieber even shows some rare self deprecation behaviour, admitting that one of this singles is “the most disliked record on YouTube.” He also manages to solve a Rubik’s cube in under two minutes. Maybe he isn’t so bad…


Stevie Wonder

Saving one of the best for last, Corden’s encounter with the legendary Stevie is one that truly leaves him lost for words. The comedian looks close to tears on more than one occasion with Stevie at his side. The best moment comes when Wonder calls Corden’s wife Julia and says: “Julia, this is Stevie from England” followed by singing “I just called to say James loves you.” Gold.

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