The Best Emojis To Use To Bag Yourself A Date On Tinder

Whatever you do, don't send the 'phallic eggplant'...

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It’s a difficult decision in any Tinder user’s life – should you play it safe and use a smiley face when talking to a potential date, or be cheeky and use a wink face?

If, like loaded, you overthink small details like this when it comes to talking to women, then we’ve got good news for you – the most successful emojis have been revealed, and you should be using them next time you look for love online.

Dating app Clover has revealed the most successful, replied-to emojis, and the results are actually pretty surprising.

Apparently, the emoji women are most likely to respond favourably too are the ‘sassy girl’, ‘hungry face’, ‘tongue-out face’ and ‘smirking face’.

clover emoji dating app data

‘Smiling face’, ‘speak no evil, ‘tongue’ and ‘heart eyes’ are also amongst the best to use, and could be the key to securing a date online.

However, it turns out women really don’t like the ‘clapping’, ‘flexed biceps’, ‘fist bump’ and the ‘phallic eggplant’ emojis – the last one for pretty obvious reasons…

However, it turns out that blokes get pretty turned out by certain emojis too. ‘Vulcan Salute’, ‘Crying face’, ‘poo’ and ‘ring’ all fare badly: So, turns out mentioning marriage on a dating app can put guys off… who’d have thought it?

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