The Apprentice’s Jade English And Harrison Jones Talk Firings And Feuds

Jade English also moved to address those tabloid romance rumours.

The Apprentice boardroom.

Jade English and Harrison Jones have lifted the lid on life inside The Apprentice house, following their double firings from the show.

Harrison and Jade disappointed in a task that saw the two teams become fashion agents for the day, selling a range of garments for up and coming designers. Jade, who was in charge of Team Vitality on the task made the fateful error of option for a range of clothes from a high-end fashion designer while Harrison, er, put out some chairs?

In any case, they both got their marching orders and were only too happy to go over the whole affair in painful detail with loaded.

Jade English

 Jade English from The Apprentice.

Jade is the first to hold her hands up on this task. “I think I took too much on,” she told loaded “I should have delegated more but that’s how you grow and that’s how you learn. I can understand why Lord Sugar fired me. I am sad to be leaving this week though, this close to the interviews.”

“My confidence was knocked from the previous week, so going into this one I felt like I had to prove myself so took on a lot and it didn’t pay off.” What could have possibly happened last week? Other than that massive row she had with her own teammate, Joanna, of course. Mind you they clashed from the off and Jade’s not really sure why.

“You could see tensions were building. Nobody likes to not get on with people,” she said, rather diplomatically. “You are in a high pressured environment, chasing your dream and you don’t always see eye to eye with everybody. That’s life.” Jade admits that the unique pressure-cooker environment of the Apprentice didn’t exactly help though.

“In every day life, if you have a disagreement at work you can go home, have a glass of wine and maybe talk things through with someone.” she said. “But on The Apprentice, you go home and you live alongside this person. It’s bizarre.”

Jade insists that, despite Joanna’s hostility, she holds no grudges and never saw her as a rival or competition. “I was never competing with anyone else on this process, I was striving to be the best person I could be to get my team to win. I don’t want to bash other people to get ahead.”

And what about those rumours of a possible romance with fellow contestant James? Jade’s not giving anyway away. Well, almost. “Nothing happened during the process and right now I’m, just trying to focus on my business and myself. I’m really excited about what is to come,” she said.

Her plan now is to push forward with her business, setting up a website to help people gain the experience required to land their dream jobs. She’s also not ruling out more media work and maybe, just maybe, a stint in Celebrity Big Brother. “I would never say never. You learn through experiences and I will continue to try and experience as much out of life as I possibly can.”

Harrison Jones

Harrison Jones on The Apprentice.

“As soon as Lord Sugar said the other team had won I knew I was in trouble,” Harrison tells loaded. “It wasn’t my strongest task. Sarah was more deserving to go through but I felt I had done enough over the 10 weeks to get to the final.

So where did it go wrong then? “We chose the wrong designer,” Harrison said. “The items were too high-end and this task was about profit in the end.” He refutes Jade’s suggestion that all he did on the task was put out some chairs though.

“That was a silly comment because someone had to put the chairs out. If I hadn’t put the chairs out I probably would have been criticised for not putting the chairs out.”

So what did Harrison do? “I put the chairs out, so I contributed that. I also helped set up the rest of the catwalk and I was the catwalk director and helped select the models. I helped work on the front cover of the magazine that got picked. There wasn’t much more I could have done.”

Harrison would have happily helped out in other respects too. “If it had been men’s fashion and I was needed to get involved, I would have.”

Did he get involved in any house feuds or even romances? Apparently not. “No, I was just focusing on the job at hand. They are quite long days and you have to get up early. I was just in, shower, eat and bed. I told myself before I went inI wouldn’t get involved in anything. I knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Harrison is now focusing on his business of making healthy and easy-to-prepare meals and health food shops and just hopes he’s remembered for his good qualities rather than just his singing. “I hope people remember me for being hard-working, honest and loyal to the people I was working with. Also someone who you can work with. Hopefully that’s what the public think.”

And for putting out the chairs. Obviously.

The Apprentice continues next Wednesday at 9pm on BBC One.

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