The Apprentice’s First Casualty On Where It All Went Wrong

Danny Grant set himself two strict rules and broke one of them almost immediately.

The first casualty on The Apprentice.
Danny The first casualty on The Apprentice.

The Apprentice’s Danny Grant had two rules going into The Apprentice and broke one of them almost immediately.

“Before going on the show I told myself two things,” the budding entrepreneur tells loaded. “One, if a task came up that matched my expertise, get involved and two, don’t be project manager on the first ask. That didn’t work out very well.”

It certainly didn’t with Danny heading up a disastrous effort from Team Vitality who were tasked with selling burgers to Londoners but ended up making a loss of £114.70 compared with the bizarrely named Team Graphene, who raked in £236.78 profit.

So where did it all go wrong? Danny blames location, with team member Harrison suggesting they head off to Brixton to sell burgers, only to find little in the way of footfall. “That was our major downfall. If we had had someone to sell to, I’m pretty confident we would have sold. We had a decent product, salesman and price,” he said. “I think we sold two cooked burgers all day.”

Two cooked burgers?! And you have to imagine one of those was for the watching Claude. In any case, Danny reckons that sub-team leader Charles, who kept his team in the kitchen for what seemed like an entirety rather than getting out there and selling, should have gone. “The sub-team didn’t leave the kitchen. They hung around way too long,” he said.

“The time really goes by so fast. You are so busy and it’s nonstop and unless you keep an eye on things, before you know it you’ve lost any direction and your lost.Charles should have gone. I still think that. I get on really well with him outside of the boardroom, but on the day Charles went against everything I asked him to do.”

Elliot, Danny and Charles in the boardroom.
Elliot, Danny and Charles in the boardroom.

He’s not entirely shirking responsibility though.“I was definitely at fault for some of it, just not all of it.“It’s very, very pressured. Having a camera in your face is bad enough but then you’ve got a millionaire analysing what you are doing and his two experts, plus 17 other candidates that want what you want. You have to keep your wits about you. It’s tough. Everything is snap decisions too – there’s no time to think.”

Things weren’t helped in the boardroom when Danny initially chose Harrison to go up in the firing line, after he suggested they sell in Brixton, only to flip-flop and change his mind in true Theresa May fashion. Danny does feel bad though.

“I was tired. In the real world I wouldn’t penalise someone for making a suggestion. Harrison contributed a lot otherwise. I didn’t want to pin it on him just because it was a sackable offence on the show. He tried hard the rest of the time.”

Oh and the boardroom is every bit as intense as you would imagine. “Everyone has to fight – if you don’t what are you doing there? People come in razor sharp and ready to save their own skin.”

Right now Danny is being developing activated carbon products for the cosmetics industry and is using carbon to design a water purification unit for the third world. In the meantime, does he have any inkling as to who might win? “Everyone is really strong this year, so it’s hard to say. It’s going to be interesting to watch.”

Thanks Danny.

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