The Apprentice’s Karthik Talks Katie Hopkins, I’m A Celeb And Obsessive Fans

The breakout star of the Apprentice also has his sights set on becoming Prime Minister.

The Apprentice Karren Brady Lord Sugar Claude Littner
Business moguls The Apprentice's Karren Brady, Lord Sugar and Claude Littner. Image BBC

Fans of The Apprentice have been in a state of mourning after Lord Sugar sent Karthik Nagesan packing from the process – but the signs are that we may not have seen the last of him just yet.

Speaking exclusively to loaded in the aftermath of his on the spot firing, which came after he led Team Titans to one of the worst defeats in the history of the show, the IT consultancy owner remained philosophical.

“For me, this was one big adventure and having been in the process I know this is not how real business works – you don’t get fired for one bad task or product.

“In the real world, you have to fail fast and you have to fail often. You might go through nine wrong choices before you fight that 10th right one.”

Karthik is not dwelling on the defeat either and fully intends to press ahead with his business plan in 2017 – a virtual mentoring platform designed to help expats deal with mental health issues like stress and anxiety while abroad.

“Lord Sugar wants a quiet person who will just get on and do the work – that’s not the big K.”

In the meantime, however, he’s more than open to the idea of utilising his newfound fame – provided he can still run his IT business at the same time.

“I never expected my character and personality to take off as it has done. Social media has gone crazy,” Karthik said.

“I’ve even got fan clubs. There was a letter I received from a lady fan that contained a thank you card and a request for a poster to put on her bedroom wall.

Karthik on The Apprentice

“I said I couldn’t do that but I could give her a photograph if you like. What was really surprising was that she found my home address and sent it in the mail – that is serious fan mail.”

The Apprentice star also revealed he has already received “some interest” from TV companies keen to make more the man behind the monobrow and the memorable soundbites  known to his fans as “Karthikisms.”

“I could definitely manage Ostrich testicles”

And while he still believes he might not be a big enough name for I’m A Celeb, he’s ready and waiting should the call come through.

“I’ve travelled a lot and been around the world a few times. I’ve eaten meat in Vietnam, I’ve eaten pregnant eggs in Cambodia so I could definitely manage Ostrich testicles,” he explained.

And how about following in the footsteps of Apprentice “legend” Katie Hopkins into the world of political commentary?

“I would never say no because one day I would like to be Prime Minister,” Karthik explained.

“But I want to be a billionaire and I want to work on the political system from the outside and then work on it from the inside.”

Donald Trump-style ambitions aside, don’t be surprised to see some Karthik-related Christmas items hitting the market in the near future either, with fans calling on the entrepreneur to turn his distinctive monobrow look into a series of t-shirts.

Not that Karthik is completely convinced.

“Fashion is arbitrary. Today some guy famous on TV has a monobrow, tomorrow everyone wants a monobrow. Until then nobody did. But if I can make it popular again then great.”

And, above all else, however, he now understands why it probably would never have worked out on The Apprentice.

“Lord Sugar wants a quiet person who will just get on and do the work – that’s not the big K.”

“He will not get any ripples with his new business partner but ripples don’t change the world, storms do and I am here to change the world.”

Never change Karthik, never change.

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