The Apprentice’s Jeff Wan Has No Regrets Over Breaking Dancing Antics

Wan became the second casualty of the boardroom.

The Apprentice candidate Jeff Wan.
Jeff Wan The breakdancing legend.

Jeff Wan has no regrets about revealing his passion for breaking dancing to Sir Alan Sugar, despite ultimately becoming the second casualty of the boardroom on The Apprentice.

Wan was given the boot after another forgettable week for the boys, aka Team Vitality, who walked away with a pitiful profit of just £1,505 from the task compared to Team Graphene’s £7,325. The challenge was simple enough: the two teams had to design a luxury hotel room with a budget of £13,000 to spend on the interiors.

From the off, Jeff was adamant he should be involved in the creative side of the task despite, given his background in finance, being asked by team leader Ross to tackle the numbers on the task. At the time, Jeff insisted he had more to give creatively and highlighted his passion for breakdancing as an example of the kind of creativity they needed.

Despite this stance proving fatal to his chances, Jeff told loaded he had no regrets about highlight his love for all things body-popping when it came to the crunch in the boardroom. “Lord Sugar asked where was the creativity and I thought it was the right time to talk about my breakdancing background,” he told loaded.

“In breakdancing, you have to have so much creativity to succeed in that field and I thought that was something I could prove. People can say they are creative but they don’t have any hard evidence. I had that.”

In hindsight, he does hold his hands up that it was a mistake to shun the responsibility of taking on the budgeting and numbers behind the task – an aspect that proved the undoing of the task for the boys. “The main reason why I was fired was that I didn’t step up to do the numbers. I think if I had taken on that responsibility I probably wouldn’t have ended up where I did. But, at that moment, I didn’t want to,” he said.

The Apprentice

Even so, he remains adamant that teammate James, who was responsible for overspending on the room’s furnishings, was to blame for the failure of the task and that Ross and the creative team fell woefully short.

“Even if I had done the numbers, James would have still gone on his spending spree. He just kept on buying what he wanted. The criteria to win was to showcase creativity and to have a good profit margin. We could never have done that because of James overspending. And as the room and mood board showed, we really didn’t have a lot of creativity.When I walked in, I thought it was a nursery!”

If given the chance to make his mark on the task, James is also adamant on how he would have approached the project, creatively. It’s pretty interesting stuff. “We went with best of British but I didn’t think that was a good theme. I would have stuck with what I said on the day which was to do a celebrity theme around people like Elton John or Tim Henman,” Jeff says.

“Picture a huge image of Elton John on the wall, maybe some of his music playing in the background and some memorabilia. That would really interest people.”

Having an Elton John room is one thing but Tim Henman? loaded is pretty sure Andy Murray might have a few things to say about that. Jeff has a reasonable explanation for his odd bout of Henmania though. “Tim Henman was the tennis player that played at the hotel – that’s why I was championing him. It could have had Henman and Murray – a room showcasing all the British legends.”

Seems sensible enough. What does Jeff make of the boys’ efforts as Team Vitality – are they weaker than the female contestants this year? “My view is that the men’s team isn’t weak more the opposite – they are almost too strong, individually. What they lack is a team dynamic, working together,” he explains.

Jeff may have only lasted two weeks but he managed to make quite an impression – helped by all that talk of breakdancing. How would he like to be remembered by fans of the show though? “Definitely for the breakdancing. I hope I remain the breakdancing contestant in everyone’s heart. And you never know, if they ever have a returning candidates season, I will show you a few moves.”

Make it happen, Lord Sugar. Make it happen.

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