The Amazing Thing That Happens To Your Body After Sex

Making love has some pretty unbelievable health benefits.

Couple in bed

We all knew it was pretty good already, but it’s been revealed that sex is more amazing than we could possibly have imagined.

According to a new study, sex with the one you love gives you a high lasting an incredible two days.

Called ‘afterglow’, the effect is allegedly hugely significant in maintaining happiness amongst couples.

Psychologist Dr Andrea Meltzer of Florida State University lead the research, which saw 214 couples keep a sex diary, and evaluate their happiness over a two-week period.

The couples studied had sex on average every 3.5 days, with the “afterglow” lasting around two days on average.

The study also states that it takes three days for a man’s sperm count to return to normal after having sex, which suggests the findings fit with ‘natural cycles’.


Meltzer said: “Our research shows sexual satisfaction remains elevated 48 hours after sex.

“The afterglow appears to last approximately the same length of time it takes for peak sperm concentration to be restored.

He added: “And people with a stronger sexual afterglow report higher levels of relationship satisfaction several months later.”

The study also goes on to suggest that the 48-hour ‘afterglow’ is the main reason couples have sex every few days, rather than every day.

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