The Mile High Club Is Less Popular Than Ever Before

Horny holidaymakers are doing this one thing instead…

Sex on an airplane
Sex on an airplane Is the Mile High Club less popular than ever? Image YouTube/LifeAccordingToJimmy

The mile high club is a well-known group all around the world, reserved for people who have managed to get their rocks off at 30,000 feet.

It might sound like a thrill, but there’s all sorts of problems that come with it…

First of all, imagine trying to sneak in a few intimate minutes with you partner during a dodgy low-budget flight.

The toilets are the only reasonable option, and not only do you sometimes have to pay to use them, but they’re not exactly kept in the best conditions either – definitely not ideal setting for a moment of passion.

In fact, people are allegedly being put off the idea more and more in recent years, and are instead looking to have sex in the airport beforehand.

According to a new survey by, loads of people are looking to avoid all the hassle of joining the mile high club completely, in favour of getting intimate before takeoff.

Nearly 5,000 American flyers took part in the study, which found that around 10% of people admitted to having sex in the airport, compared to 8% of people who’d experienced it on a plane.

plane cabin
The mile high club is less popular than ever before Every nervous flyer should read this

42% of people who said they’d had sex in airports said they’d used the toilets, while a surprisingly high 29% said they’d done it in storage cupboards.

Meanwhile, 14% said they’d just used a coat to cover themselves up during the act, while 12% of the fancier flyers said they’d hooked up in the VIP lounge.

While you might think it’s pretty hard to get away with sex at the airport, only 17% said they’d ever been caught.

The mile high club might be going out of fashion, but the next time you’re checking in before your holidays, will you be tempted to join the ‘airport sex’ club?

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