The 9 Weirdest Animals David Attenborough Ever Caught On Camera

Weird, wonderful and downright ugly... the legendary broadcaster has seen them all.

David Attenborough
David Attenborough The weirdest things he's ever filmed Image Getty Images

Sir David Attenborough has been travelling the world capturing footage of animals for over 60 years, and he’s encountered some pretty strange creatures in that time.

The legendary broadcaster has come across the weird, the wonderful and the downright ugly in his time, and seen some of the strangest sights nature has to offer.

In celebration of the great man’s work, see the 9 weirdest animals he ever caught on camera below:


The Fangtooth

Amongst the most aggressive hunters in the sea, the Fangtooth has the largest teeth relative to body size in the entire ocean. As David explains in the clip, they’re so big, “the owner can’t even close its mouth,” which must be a real pain in the arse.


This weird deep sea Jelly

The luminescent deep sea jelly is another of the odd creatures David uncovered in the depth of the ocean for the first series of 2001’s Blue Planet, and it’s amongst the strangest you’re likely to see in any of his documentaries.


The Kangaroo Rat

You wouldn’t normally think of rats as being cute, but the Kangaroo Rat might be the exception to the rule. Found in the Mojave Desert in North America, one of these little things had a memorable run in with David a while back.


This Sloth

Ok, so it might not necessarily be one of the world’s weirdest animals, but one of Attenborough’s weirdest encounters has to be the time he met a sloth. For some reason, he shouts “boo!” at the poor thing, probably scaring the slow-moving guy silly. It was dead surprised, but you couldn’t tell.


These colour-changing walruses

It’s not just chameleons that can change colour you know… As David discovered, walruses are also changing their skin tone all the time – who knew?


The ‘Dumbo’ octopus

The deeper into the sea you go, the odder things get. This ‘Dumbo’ elephant is one of the strangest things you’ll find in the ocean. They’re about the size of a football, and they hang out just above the sea floor. Creepy.


The Aye-Aye

It might sound more like a greeting than an animal, but the Aye-Aye is one of the strangest creatures you’re ever likely to see. Attenborough encountered this odd-looking guy on one of his many trips to Madagascar.


The Texas Blind Salamander

As Attenborough said in the Caves episode of Planet Earth series one, “there may be less than a hundred Texas Salamanders” in existence. Thankfully, David caught these freaky-looking things on camera while he had the chance.


The Star Nosed Mole

We can’t decide if this little guy is cute or terrifying. Either way, the Star Nosed Mole is one of the most unusual looking creatures we’ve ever seen, and just another example of the weird critters Attenborough has captured on film over the years.

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