The 9 Most Badass Sansa Stark Moments In Game Of Thrones

She's dealt with way too many morons on that show.

Sophie Turner has grown up playing Sansa Stark Image HBO/Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Little Sansa Stark began her Game of Thrones adventure as a meek girl who wanted everyone to like her – especially that idiot Joffrey. Luckily, she evolved into a kick-ass lady who watches as her husband is devoured by his own hounds.

Actress Sophie Turner has grown up along with Sansa, so it’s fair to say that she is just as badass as the eldest Stark daughter. Here at loaded we want to take a look at Sansa’s best moments on Game of Thrones so far, because who knows what will happen in season 7?



Whatever you do, don’t insult your fiancée’s brother in front of her while staring at her father’s decapitated head



Sansa and Theon have their Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid moment


Anything Joffrey says, I will turn it over to make him look bad



You swore an oath to my mother, now you do the same with me, Brienne


Jon? Or the first time Sansa reunites with one of her siblings in like forever


Single and loving it after Joffrey chooses to marry Margaery


Allow me to smile as I leave you with your hungry hounds, Ramsay


Robin, just shut up, you weirdo


Hey, Joffrey, let me insult you discreetly before you are off to fight in Blackwater


You go, girl!

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