The 5 Most Valuable Vinyl Records In The World Today

Vinyl is a big deal among music lovers these days but these are something else.

The Beatles have a coffee break
The Fab Four In their element. Image Picture Fox Photos/Getty Images

Vinyl is fast becoming the go-to hobby for the true music aficionados among us.

From eye-catching pressings, to unique or rare recordings and fascinating album sleeves, there’s a veritable treasure trove of LPs, EPs and singles for fans and collectors alike to enjoy, as professional collector and Storage Hunters star Jesse McClure previously attested to us.

But to the uninformed and uneducated among us, what exactly are the five most valuable vinyl records in the world today? Well, the good folk at found out.

Here’s the top five, in descending order of course.


“Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) by Frank Wilson

Only two originals of this super-rare version of the song, which was recorded on Motown label offshoot Soul, exist. They will set you back as much as £25,000 each.


“Music For Supermarkets” by Jean Michel Jarre

Arguably the most bonkers addition to the list, just one copy of this 1983 album by the dance music legend exists with Jarre subsequently destroying the master tapes. No wonder it can fetch up to £30,000.


“Love Me Do” by The Beatles

The Beatles feature pretty prominently in the top 20 most expensive albums of all time, though this one, worth £80,050, is rarer than most due to the fact it’s the only known pressing of a one-sided acetate that also happens to be unedited. Wow.


That’ll Be The Day/In Spite Of All The Danger” by The Quarrymen

This pre-Beatles effort from 1958 is valued at £100,000 because just one single disc is thought to exist with this version recorded at an local shop with just three of the fab four (McCartney, Harrison and Lennon) present.


‘White Album’ by The Beatles 

The very first pressing of the White Album, originally owned by Ringo Starr, ranks as the most valuable vinyl of all-time having sold for $910,000 at auction in 2015. It was the very first version of the LP to ever be pressed.

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