The 15 Rudest Words Rachel Riley Has Ever Spelled Out On Countdown

These made for uncomfortable tea time viewing.

Rachel Riley
Rachel Riley The Countdown host Image Getty Images

Rachel Riley is no stranger to rude words – she’s been spelling them out for nearly a decade on the hit Channel 4 letters and numbers game show Countdown.

It happens from time to time. Contestants choose a random assortment of letters and, in their desperation to score as many points as possible, they are forced to spell out a rude word.

It’s Riley that gets the rough end of that particular deal though, forced to stand alongside the offending word while retired folk up and down the land choke on their tea and biscuits.

Worse still, she knows there will be a glut of social media savvy students and online news providers watching with glee and taking pictures aplenty – as these 15 examples demonstrated.


It could have been worse – the “R” and “S” were only added at the last minute.


Rachel found this one quite amusing.


Alright, it’s not the worst but the word sexier still makes us giggle like school boys.


You don’t hear people say todger all that often these days, do you?


Not as high up the list, mainly because “erection” is a word that can take on other meanings…


…unlike “gobshite”.


…or “bumhole”, for that matter


Orgasmed has actually happened twice on Countdown. Which is rare.


You can spell this one out for yourselves.


Top work from one eagle-eyed Sky Plus user.


It might sound posh but it’s very, very rude.


Hard not to laugh at this one.


Thankfully two emojis have helped censor this one – can you work out the word though?


There’s something about the word “squirter” which is just all kinds of wrong.


Rude, offensive and best consigned to history.

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