The 13 Biggest Dickheads In The Entire Alien Movie Universe

The Aliens vs Predator movies have not been included. Because they are all dickheads.


Peter Weyland

Guy Pearce as Peter Weyland
Guy Pearce Image 20th Century Fox

The founder of Weyland Corp is the main reason the whole saga kicked off in the first place, with the ageing billionaire and inventor sending the crew of Prometheus off to LV-223 in search of a cure for death. Not sure how he it expected that to work out. 

Stowed away onboard and awoken to go and meet the engineers following Holloway’s death, his idiotic mission meets a grim end when he’s essentially bashed to death by a clearly pissed off Engineer, using David 8 as a makeshift club. You can’t help but feel it’s what he deserved. though

Dickhead Rating: 9/10 – Can’t help but think the whole mess could have been avoid without this guy.



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