The 12 Professions A Serial Killer Is Most Likely To Work In

This might put you off ever getting your shoes repaired again.

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Serial killers account for just one percent of all murders in the US alone in any given year.

That might not sound like a whole lot of killing, but it’s enough to keep us all on our toes when it comes to spotting the tell-tale signs someone is hiding a dark, dark secret.

Thankfully, there are some clever folk out there like criminologist and professor Michael Arntfield keeping us on top of these kinds of things.

He’s just written a book examining the link between serial killers and the jobs they worked in. Arntfield has examined evidence collected over the past 50 years and reckons there is a pattern when it comes to the type of work serial killers tend to take up.

Speaking to IFLScience, the American academic outlined the 12 professions that attract serial killers, as detailed in his book Murder in Plain English.

He believes the 12 professions can be broken down into four categories based on skill, training, and turnover:

Skilled Occupations:

1. Aircraft machinist/assembler
2. Shoemaker/repair person
3. Automobile upholsterer

Semi-Skilled Occupations:

1. Forestry worker/arborist
2. Truck driver
3. Warehouse manager

Unskilled Occupations:

1. General laborer (such as a mover or landscaper)
2. Hotel porter
3. Gas station attendant

Professional and Government Occupations:

1. Police/security official
2. Military personnel
3. Religious official

Arntfield told IFLScience serial killers are attracted to this jobs because of a “combination of mobility, power (whether structural or actual), and the fact many jobs also simultaneously satisfy the underlying paraphilias, or sexual preoccupations, that also fuel killers’ crimes.”

The book comes after another leading academic revealed the five tell-tale signs to help you spot if are talking to a psychopath. It’s a scary world out there, guys.

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