The 11 Worst Dives Of All Time Will Make You Hate Modern Football

If you didn't hate the game before, you will now...

The worst dives in football
Cristiano Ronaldo He's hurt. Honest. Image Getty Images/Jasper Juinen

Modern football is rubbish. There you go, we said it.

The players are overpaid, the games are dull, the tickets are way overpriced… heck, you have to take out a loan just to buy a half-time pie these days.

We could go on all day about the things that annoy us about the modern game, but what’s the worst offender? You guessed it – diving.

Players get a huge amount of stick for throwing themselves to the ground to con the refs these days – and quite rightly too. It’s arguably the worst part of the game to have changed over recent times.

Relive 11 of the worst dives ever below. Be warned though, it might just put you off modern football for good.


Alexis Sanchez

We start with the most recent dive on the list – a real cracker from Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez. After standing close to Leicester throw-in taker Christian Fuchs, Alexis gets the ball thrown at his shoulder and… EVENTUALLY goes down. It’s an incredibly delayed reaction, and he got a yellow card for his troubles too. Gutted.



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