Important knowledge to have ahead of any holiday plans.


The 11 Cheapest Countries In The World For A Pint Of Beer

By Jack Beresford

August 14, 2017

Beer is the universal currency of fun around the world. The cheaper a pint is, the more appealing the destination to the average lad.

And with the UK facing up to potential price increases across pubs everywhere, it pays big time to know some of the far-flung destinations all around the world offering cheap beer alongside the usual mix of sun, sea and appealing sights.

Thankfully FX comparison site Travelex has done the hard work this time around, pooling Office for National Statistics data alongside its own currency exchange rates to calculate the average cost of a beer in some of the hottest of holiday hot spots.

With the price of a pint equating to the eye-watering price of around £3.50 in the UK, this is one list you are going to want to learn off by heart before booking any flights away. Here goes.



The price of a pint in sunny Spain works at around €2 or £1.80 in English money.



Head over to Barbados and you can enjoy a beer for just $4 Bajan dollars or £1.65.



Over in Jamaica, the home of Red Stripe, a standard pint will set you back $250 Jamaican dollars. That might sound like a lot but it’s actually just £1.61.



The popular stag do location of Poland has a reputation that precedes it, with pints sold for 7 Polish Zloty or £1.56 on average.


South Africa

South Africa may not be the most obvious of holiday destinations but with beers sold for just 25 rand per pint, or £1.55, it might be time to revise that view.




For just 60 Thai Baht, you can buy yourself a very refreshing pint in Thailand – that’s £1.45!



Portugal features surprisingly high up on this list with beer sold at around €1.50. Beer for £1.35 a pint AND drugs have been legalized. Wow.



Why would Donald Trump ever want to build a wall between the US and Mexico when they are selling beer for just $25 Mexican dollars – that’ £1.15!



Another stag do classic, Hungary has a reputation for cheap beer and stunning bar locations. Sold for just 350 Forint or £1.09 a pint, this is one you won’t want to miss.


Czech Republic

What is it about Eastern Europe? Czech Republic does not disappoint either with beer sold at 30 Koruna a pint or just £1.07 a pint.



It may not be the most obvious of holiday destinations but Bulgaria is a must-visit for beer fans, where it’s sold for just 2 Bulgarian lev per pint or 97 pence in UK money. wow.