The 10 Strongest Alcoholic Spirits On The Planet

These bad boys these to be consumed in moderation - and we mean moderation!

Everclear How does it compare with some of the big hitters on this list? Image Everclear

Alcohol should always be enjoyed in moderation and nowhere is this truer than when discussing the 10 strongest alcoholic beverages on the planet.

Consisting entirely of eye-wateringly strong spirits, it’s a list that should inform as much as warn against the dangers of over-indulging on super-strength brews.

So read on and enjoy but just remember – these really aren’t recommended for regular consumption.



(72% ABV)

The spirit drink Absinthe.
Absinthe. A spirit with the potential to cause hallucinations. Image Adam Berry/Getty Images

Despite its propensity for inducing hallucinations in those that drink to excess, absinthe comes in in the surprisingly low position of 10th on our list.

 Made using either Artemisia absenthium or wormwood bark, there are brews that reach as high as 170 proof (85% ABV) but it’s probably best you don’t try anything above 72% ABV. Anything higher is likely to make you vomit.



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