The 10 Most Valuable Nintendo 64 Game Cartridges On The Planet

Console gaming is big business these days and it’s no different with the Nintendo classic

The Nintendo 64 game console.
Nintendo 64 The best console of the 1990s? Image Nintendo

The Nintendo 64 was a console unlike any other gamers have seen since.

A unique control system that was imitated but never bettered in the years since, it also featured some of the greatest console titles of all time with the likes of Goldeneye and Mario Kart 64 just the tip of the iceberg. The N64 was also the last system to utilise cartridges, with all of the consoles that followed in the years since focusing on CD-based technology.

Some of those cartridges remain pretty valuable too and while the titles in this countdown don’t come with specific prices attached – that’s not really the way things work with most collectibles – each could fetch upwards of £100 with some even reaching the thousands.

Here are 10 of the most valuable to keep an eye out for:


Paper Mario

This largely forgotten Mario title arrived in 2001 to little or no fanfare, with N64 sales already in decline at that point. With a production run that was smaller than most Mario titles of the era, it’s one to keep an eye out for.


Turok: Rage Wars

The Turok franchise was a fun, if flawed, addition to the Nintendo 64 stable, with Rage Wars more problematic than most.

After it was discovered that a glitch made it impossible to complete one mission, fans were invited to send off their black cartridge for a modified grey one. Few did though, with the resulting grey cartridges worth a fair amount.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

In a unique twist, US gamers were given the chance to pre-order a special limited edition copy of the seminal Zelda title which was gold coloured and today would fetch a substantial amount among hardcore fans.


StarCraft 64

Real-time strategy games have rarely fared well on the console and this WarCraft effort didn’t fare much better. Released two years after the PC version to lukewarm reviews, very few copies are still in circulation…


Harvest Moon 64

Long before Farmville, Harvest Moon was the go-to game for those looking to enjoy a bit of agricultural gaming. More popular in Japan than in the US and Europe, a limited batch of these titles were produced making them worth more than most.


Worm’s Armageddon

The popular PC game series made its way to Nintendo 64 in the 2000s. A good multiplayer option with gamers offing each other with a variety of weapons, very few copies of the cartridge actually exist, making it something of a rarity.


Conker’s Bad Fur Day

A game that went against Nintendo’s family friendly image, Conker’s arrived late in the lifespan of the N64 and with little to no advertising behind it, this platformer with sexual themes, some swearing and the occasional bit of gore was destined for cult status and a valuable second life.


Mario Party 3

The last Mario title to arrive on the N64, this may have boasted excellent game play and a superb multiplayer mode, but the main problem was that it arrived way too late to save the console which was on its way out at the time. Now one to look out for though.


Clayfighter 63 1/3 Sculptors Cut

It may have had a lame title and limited gameplay at best, but this Blockbuster exclusive (remember them?) is regarded as one of the most valuable N64 titles on the planet due to the limited availability. A boxed copy, could be worth hundreds if not thousands…


Yoshi’s Story International Version

An early demo version of Yoshi’s Story, all of the text for the game may appear in Japanese but, with just a handful of versions thought to exist, it could be worth keeping your hands on it for the foreseeable future, with the value only likely to rise.

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