So that’s where Gigi gets it from! Yolanda Hadid sizzles beachside

Gigi Hadid inherited some good genetics if Instagram is anything to go by.

Like mother like daughter Yolanda and Gigi Hadid have plenty in common

Gigi Hadid may be the name on the tip of the tongue of many a web-surfing male but has anyone spared a thought for her poor mother? Well, they will be now.

A former model herself and star of reality series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda Hadid has been busy displaying just where Gigi gets her statuesque figure and eye-catching curves from.

Though fast approaching her vintage years at 52, Hadid proves the rule by being and ‘oldie but a goodie’ courtesy of a series of beach based snaps that have already set pulses raising among her Instagram followers.

What a beach
What a beach Yolande has been soaking up the sun in style

With comments like “nice pics” and “Wow u should model again yo! Just stunning!” it’s fair to say that the new shots have been well-received online.

All of which will come as welcome news to Yolanda following a difficult couple of years, personally.

Back in 2012, Hadid was diagnosed with Lyme disease, a condition that she has struggled with ever since, at one point revealing the illness had left her unable to read, write or watch television.

In the shade
In the shade Now we know where Gigi gets it from

Worse still, in December of last year, it was revealed that Hadid was divorcing from then-husband David Foster.

Now seemingly back and fighting fit, the Netherlands-born television personality could soon be back on the market.

Based on her social media presence, she could prove popular with guys on the dating scene and may yet even give her daughter Gigi a run for her money in the US gossip columns.

Fans will be watching this space with renewed vigour.

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