That’s Pants! 1 in 3 Pairs Of Briefs Bought At Christmas Go Unused

Ladies, when it comes to buying presents for blokes don’t keep it brief.

Theresa May pants.
Totally pants No more novelty designs

Blokes don’t want a lot for Christmas, but one thing it’s probably best steering clear of during the festive season is pants.

This assertion follows the publication of damning evidence that points to something approaching a boxer briefs mutiny among UK men.

According to a study from Bullring Birmingham, pants are actually a pretty unpopular choice when it comes to choosing a present for the discerning bloke in your life.

Around one in five male respondents admitted to returning underwear that was bought for them, while around one in three revealed they often left the offending undergarment in their wardrobe to gather dust, or something a little more unsavoury.

In the majority of cases, these situations arose as a result of the fact that most partners simply don’t have a clue what type of briefs to get men.

Fortunately, the study did also offer up some help, in the form of a handy guide demonstrating UK males’ preferred underwear style.

The results were as follows:

1.      Boxer briefs (57%)
2.      Trunks (15%)
3.      Y Fronts (12%)
4.      Novelty pants (9%)
5.      Thongs (5%)
6.      Long Johns (2%)

Maggie Foggett, Marketing Manager at Bullring said: “We always see a spike in sales of men’s pants over the festive period – but it is clear that these gifts are not what they would choose themselves – with so many being returned or left unworn.”

“Our research shows that, whilst novelty pants may cause a giggle around the tree on Christmas Day, they’re unlikely to get much wear the rest of the year!”

Maybe think twice before picking up those Rudolph pants this year though, not least because of the deeply inappropriate positioning of his red nose on the brief’s design.

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