That Brilliant Mirror Sequence From Contact Finally Has An Explanation

You will want to recreate it at home with your phone camera.

Jodie Foster in space Contact Image © Warner Brothers

Twenty years have passed since the science fiction drama Contact hit the big screen, but we finally have the answer to one of the biggest questions of the film.

No, it’s nothing to do with the aliens, or the 18 hours of static Jodie Foster’s character records. We are talking about the impressive mirror scene.

Looking for aliens Image © Warner Brothers

In the scene, a young Ellie (played by Jena Malone) is seen rushing to the medicine cabinet in the bathroom to get her father’s pills. As she is filmed running through the hallway, the shot ends up looking as if the camera had been the bathroom mirror. And then it isn’t. It’s all very confusing, let’s be honest. Which is what makes the shot so extraordinary.

But it’s our lucky day, because Ken Ralston and Stephen Rosenbaum, who were the film’s visual effects supervisors, have released a video explaining how they managed to pull off the stunt.

Foster and McConaughey Image © Warner Brothers

Of course, even after they explain it, it still sounds tremendously complicated, but after all, they are the experts, aren’t they? At least we can say that the shot is no longer a mystery to us. It’s still difficult, and after watching the video, everyone will try to do it at home and will fail, which only proves what a terrific job Ralston and Rosenbaum did.

Now, if they could tell us Matthew McConaughey’s secret to look exactly the same nowadays as he looked when he filmed Contact, we would all be very thankful.

Watch Ralston and Rosenbaum’s explanation below:





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