Tesco unveils chocolate truffle sprouts – just in time for Christmas

Tis the season to feel queasy…

Tesco Christmas themed chocolate potatoes and sprouts.
Chocolate sprouts and potatoes. Just in time for Christmas. Image Tesco

Tesco is pulling out all the stops to get the punters in this Christmas with a delicious range of chocolate truffle… sprouts.

Keen to win back the British public after a few difficult years both in and out of the supermarket, the grocery giants are laying on a Christmas spread like no other – and we mean no other.

And that plan starts with a sexy new revamp of everyone’s least favourite yuletide vegetable, the sprout – those miniature cabbage-type things that are guaranteed to have you yo-ho-hoing to the toilet come the big day.

The Tesco range of chocolate sprouts.
Chocolate truffle sprouts. Yuletide yum yum. Image Tesco

It’s all part of a brand new Christmas range that also included chocolate flavour potatoes – because, in the name of balance, Tesco is trying to ruin both the worst and best bits of your Christmas dinner.

In both instances the concept is simple enough: on the outside these vegetables look like ordinary sprouts and potatoes.

Yet carve them open and you are greeted with the kind of oozing brown liquid that is guaranteed to have you craving more.

The supermarket giant is going all out with their new Christmas range too.

“Chocolate sprouts and potatoes will be on sale in over 550 of our stores and will cost £3.50 a pack,” a spokesperson said.

An idea that has been some year in the making, Irish firm Lir Chocolates helped develop the potatoes, following strenuous testing,

The Tesco range of chocolate potatoes
Tesco chocolate potatoes Suck on these potato chocolate balls Image Tesco

“The design of the product took a long time, the outside was handmade to make it look authentic,” they explained to The Irish Post.

“We tested it out and got a great reaction.”

Not that there have not been casualties along the way.

“We even had someone mistake it for an actual potato and put chilli sauce on it thinking it was for their dinner,” they explained.

If Christmas truly is the time for giving, do your loved ones a favour this year and give these chocolate veggies a wide berth.

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