Listen To The Terrifying Music Played Every Morning In North Korea

Imagine starting the morning off this way...

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Creepy wake up call in N. Korea... Image Getty

The media consistently report North Korea as the weirdest place on freaking earth and this video of an eerie public wake up call certainly fits in with that reputation.

There are countless videos on YouTube of this strange sound emanating from the clock tower of Pyongyang Central Station.

Apparently, it goes off every day at 6 AM to remind the citizens of this tyrannical regime to get the f*ck up.

Upon listening we have to agree with Gizmodo on this one, the song sounds a lot like the Vengelis theme to Blade Runner played using a theremin.

Though YouTube commenters have compared the tune titled, “Where Are You, Dear General?” to the theme from X-Files.

Either way, it’s incredibly eerie and resembles any soundtrack from the sci-fi genre. One comment stated that it’s not intended to wake anyone up but rather remind them of the leaders who have passed, every morning and every night.

“It’s not wake up call, it is a song that reminds the workers of passed away leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il,” wrote user Ming Kim.

This occurrence is merely one of many strange things that happen in North Korea every day, previously hours of North Korean television was leaked on the internet, and it was probably the grimmest thing we’ve ever seen.

One segment involved women dancing in military uniform depicting, through dance, the story of a boy being brainwashed by a Catholic priest and ends with the phrase, “Do not forget the brutality of American things.”

With North Korea on the forefront of media coverage lately, we’d say more and more weirdness from the heavily controlled state is going to surface over the next few weeks. We can’t wait?

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