Watch: A Man Survives A Terrifying Car Crash With A Giant Lorry

That was a close one...

car crash
That's going to hurt in the morning Image Imgur

A terrifying video has gone viral after a dashboard camera caught a devastating collision between a lorry and a car.

The clip was taken a few years ago, but it has resurfaced recently, probably because it’s a miracle this guy survived.

The video begins with a black car swerving erratically ahead. It then careens into an oncoming lane and smashes into a large white lorry, which barely receives a dent, while the smaller vehicle is crumpled to pieces.


The impacted car then flies across the highway coming to a stop before the guy with the camera.

You’d think a crash like that would result in a fatality, but no.

The driver of the wrecked car is seen crawling out of the giant gaping hole where the windshield used to be. He’s then helped by a passer-by.

You can never tell with these things, but he seems to be fine after the accident.

Events like this have prompted many to wonder how the human body could survive a car wreck; scientists previously designed a freakish model of what the human body would look like if we’d evolved to survive car crashes.

The sculpture includes an airbag-like ribcage and extra joints, and it looks weird as hell. See it below.


Stay safe on the road everyone…

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