Teresa May selling topless signed selfies online – but it’s not what you think

So it turns out there is another Theresa May and she’s quite different…

Teresa May and Theresa May Spot the difference

Theresa May has become embroiled in a case of online mistaken identity after thousands flocked to the Twitter account of one @RealTeresaMay.

There’s just one small snag – it’s an entirely different Theresa May to the one who’s about to become Prime Minister.

In fact, this Theresa May, spelt Teresa May, happens to be a glamour model and author of “My Body in Your Hands” an autobiography chronicling her career to date as a page three model and soft porn star.

Perhaps best known for featuring in the controversial video to Prodigy’s no. 1 hit Smack My Bitch Up Teresa sent Twitter into meltdown after tweeting out that topless signed selfies were available for fans to buy.

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It was a development that had many spluttering on their cups of tea, having wrongly jumped to the conclusion that our next PM’s social media account had either been hacked or May had indulged in one too many glasses of sherry.

Now that the confusion has been cleared up, Teresa could be set to make some serious cash thanks to her name-based association with our new leader.

And loaded, for one, think Teresa May could be a breath of fresh air for UK politics.

For one thing, when it comes to negotiating Brexit, we are confident she will not take it lying down.

Wait, that came out wrong.

Anyway, she’s likely to be a damn sight more popular than Theresa, who gained few fans with her austere approach to politics under David Cameron.

At least it’s not Boris though. Every cloud…

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