The 10 Commandments of Fantasy Premier League Football According to Jules Breach

BT Sport Score presenter, and fantasy football addict, Jules Breach gives us her top 10 tips for a winning FPL team this season.

BT Sport presenter and fantasy football expert Jules Breach.
Jules Breach The BT Sport presenter and fantasy football expert Image BT Sport

Fantasy Football can be tricky enough at the best of times. Fortunately in BT Sport Score presenter, and fantasy football addict, Jules Breach loaded has something of an authority on the subject.

Ahead of another busy weekend of Premier League fixtures and with plenty of the season still to play, she decided to offer up her top 10 tips for a winning FPL team this season.


The Essentials 

First and foremost, get a couple of Fantasy Premier League essentials in your team and you’re pretty much guaranteed points. Philippe Coutinho is mine, and he came straight back into my team after being out with an ankle injury for far too long. I’m just hoping he can get back in the points for Game Week (GW) 22.

Eden Hazard is another, despite underperforming points wise in the last few GWs, he’s still my essential player who isn’t going anywhere. He’s also the third highest points scorer across the whole of FPL (126), with just Ibrahimovic (130) and Sanchez (154) scoring more overall. Get one of these boys and stick with them for the season even when they frustrate you.


Find A Differential 

If you’re trying to make ground in your mini leagues, a differential could be the key to picking up points and your mates missing out. Think outside the box and analyse the fixtures and stats. Until his transfer back to Chelsea a couple of weeks ago, Nathan Ake was a top differential to have.

Now I’m looking at Stanislas instead, who gets valuable points, he scored that penalty in GW 21 too, but he’s owned by only around 3% of managers. Bournemouth’s fixtures aren’t looking too bad either. They face Watford and Palace in their next two matches.


Spread Your Money 

You need the dosh for your big name players, so where possible spend less on keepers. My tip is to go for ‘save points’ rather than ‘clean sheets’. Burnley’s Tom Heaton may not keep many ‘clean sheets’ but his shot stopping is what will get you those points.



Diego Costa celebrates a goal for Chelsea.

Well they’re just ridiculously good aren’t they? It looks like they’re going to win the league, so why wouldn’t you fill your team with Conte’s men. Diego Costa, Eden Hazard, and Marcus Alonso are my three must-have Chelsea players; they’re just too good to leave out!

It seems as though the Diego drama from GW 21 has been resolved (phew!), and Alonso proved his value last week in Costa’s absence, scoring 21 points, which for a defender is massive!


Penalty Takers 

A lot more penalties have been awarded so far this season compared to the same point last season, so getting a penalty taker in your side could be valuable. Jermain Defoe would be the one for me. Scoring 2 in one game against Liverpool proves my point.


Form vs Fixtures 

The age old FPL debate. I tend to go fixtures over form personally, but there are some players who are THAT good, they should be able to get you points regardless who they’re playing against. Ibrahimovic and Costa appear to be the ones bringing home the points regardless of fixtures.


Don’t Trust Pep 

Pep Guardiola Manchester City
Image Picture Paul Gilham/Getty Images

At one stage we all thought Man City players would be good additions to our teams. Then Guardiola began his rotation frenzy and now we’re all confused. Aguero being benched in GW 20 threw us all off track, then being thrashed 4-0 by Everton in GW 21 made us all worry.

With the arrival of Gabriel Jesus for GW 22, it’s now hard to know who the City manager is going to play, which gives us all a bit of an FPL headache. Not worth the stress I don’t think!


Use Chips Wisely 

We’ve all got our second wild card now, unless you’ve blown it already in the first GW of the New Year! That wild card, your bench boost, triple captain and all out attack will be key to you gaining big points as we get towards the end of the season.

My advice? Save them for those double GWs and watch the points roll in. Then you can sit there feeling smug as you watch all your friends who used theirs in the first part of the season hang their heads in shame. Schoolboy error!


Don’t Transfer When You’re At The Pub 

The cast of World's End downing pints of beer

We’ve all done it. You’re having a debate, you’ve had a few drinks, you think you’re the King/Queen of FPL. You make that transfer and then you realise the next day that they’re injured, rested, or playing against Chelsea, so they end up on your bench. Not good.


Get a Good Name 

FPL is all about the fun too. A poor name like ‘John’s 11’ just doesn’t cut the mustard. My favourites of what I’ve seen so far are: ‘Who ate all Depays’ and ‘No Kane No Gain.’ Bravo.

You can catch Jules on BT Sport Score every Saturday 2:30pm on BT Sport 1 and BT Sport Showcase, follow her for further tips on twitter @julesbreach

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