A Real Life Breaking Bad? Teacher Suspended Over Crystal Meth Homework

Someone is a Walter White stan

DIY meth lab Image Photo Sony Pictures Television

In a Breaking Bad-esque stunt, a Canadian teacher is in big trouble for giving students instructions on how to create and inject crystal meth as part of drama class homework

The happening took place at Erin Mills Middle School in Ontario, Canada. An eighth-grade teacher found the information on the internet and printed it out for an acting exercise. 

According to the CBC, initially “the project involved making an original skit about an old TV show using emotions. When the group’s idea fell through, her son said the teacher suggested the crystal meth skit instead.”

(AP Photo/AMC, Doug Hyun)

The educator stated that the internet instructions would aid the students when they needed to ‘act scared’ while making the drug or ‘act happy’ while under the effects.

Within the document, the readers are directed “give their arms a wipe” with an antibacterial solution, before injecting. Parents were up in arms when they discovered what their children were being asked to do.

“I popped a blood vessel,” said one parent. “I was in a state of shock … I’m thinking this cannot be real.”

The teacher has since been suspended for his or her actions, and the students are no longer required to embody Walter White.

We’re thinking ole Teach was bingeing on the Netflix a little too much.

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