Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston PDA leaves Ryan Reynolds looking awkward

The Deadpool star’s face is priceless after the pair got up close and personal.

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool

It’s no secret that Ryan Reynolds ranks among Hollywood’s funniest leading men, with the Canadian actor possessing a once-in-a-generation gift for comedy timing.

But if you thought Deadpool was the funniest thing involving the 39-year-old in 2016 then think again because Reynolds has comeback with a picture and a face so hilarious it really has to be seen to be believed.

The image comes from the Twitter account of one Britany LaManna and features Reynolds alongside wife Blake Lively and new Hollywood power couple Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift, who appear to have celebrated Independence Day together.

Now, much has been said about Swift’s blossoming relationship with Hiddleston and whether it is all part of some big conspiracy to promote something or other.

But there is nothing fake about the face Reynolds is pulling in this picture, as he sits with Lively in his lap, watching on while Taylor and Tom enjoy a rather loving embrace a mere metre away, at best.

That face...
That face... What is he thinking about? Image Instagram

For many blokes, such public displays of affection are rare at best and Reynolds appears to fall into that category with a look that is lost, confused and awkward all at once.

Naturally, Twitter users have been quick to pick up on the picture and Reynolds’ hilarious expression, with several coming up with some hilarious takes on what the hell was going on.
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Something tells us Reynolds won’t be getting an invite to any Hiddleston/Swift nuptials any time soon.

Well, he certainly won’t be Tom’s best man, that is for sure. Maybe he should see if Chris Hemsworth is available instead.

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