Taylor Swift and Kanye West star in ‘Famous’ nude Melbourne mural

Kim Kardashian’s posterior has also been laid bare in the art that has everyone talking.

Taylor Swift mural in Melbourne
Brutal The original RIP Taylor Swift mural in Melbourne, Australia. Image Picture Instagram/DeanSunshine

The beef between Kanye West and Taylor Swift has been given a new lease of life Down Under, after a mural appeared in Melbourne depicting the pair naked and in bed together alongside Kim Kardashian.

An artistic rendering of the scene that played out in the music video for West’s recent single ‘Famous’, the clip saw the rapper cosy up to a number of high profile celebrities.

Swift, perhaps understandably, was far from happy at the scenes but, if she thought a two-second clip of a lookalike of herself semi-nude and under the covers alongside Kanye was bad then she is going to hate this artwork.

@taylorswift @privatekanye @kimkardashian who did this?

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Rumoured to have been the work of the very same artist who captured Swift’s likeness in another recent Swift-centric mural, this latest work could end up being destroyed if enough locals object to the female nudity at the centre of the image.

Alternatively, the picture could prove a major hit and has the potential to make the artist a major player in the world of West-orientated artwork.

And though he has yet to comment on the image via social media, something tells us Kanye would definitely approve.

One woman who may not be happy is Kim though, with the most famous Kardashian of them all (sorry Robert) far from being the focus of the work despite her posterior featuring prominently.

A Kardashian mural may play better next time around.

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