Tattoos Could Cause SERIOUS Problems While You Workout

If you're inked and a fitness buff, this applies to you...

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The common perception when it comes to tattoos is that they are totally safe, well they haven’t got the all clear just yet. A new study claims working out while tatted might not be the best idea.

According to research published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise people who have ink covering large portions of their body are at risk for overheating thanks to blocked sweat glands.

The study’s authors looked at the sweat rate in tattooed versus non-tattooed skin, and they discovered that tattoos blocked sweat secretion by up to FIFTY percent.

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We sweat a lot when we work out and sweating is our bodies way of cooling down and regulating temperature, without it we can get very sick.

So how does this happen? When tattoo ink is injected, it sits just below the skin and unfortunately in the same area as our sweat glands, the more ink you have, the more glands you block.

Additionally, the researchers discovered that the sodium levels in the tattooed skin were higher than clear skin which means tattoos are also preventing proper sodium absorption back into the body, meaning the sodium was sitting under the skin.

If enough sodium isn’t absorbed, the body’s fluids aren’t balanced which causes dehydration among other things.

All hope is not lost, if you have one or two small tattoos, you’re fine. The rest of your body will compensate for those small areas.

If you have a sleeve or full back tattoo, it’s recommended to hydrate during a workout more than usual, before during and after plus throw back some electrolytes to be on the safe side.

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