Tassimo-Style Beer Dispensers Are On The Way

In-home alcohol drinks systems are being developed as part of a new joint venture.

These times are a'changing Image Costa Coffee

The world of in-home drinking could be set for a major change thanks to to the development of an alcoholic drink system that will take inspiration from the current range of pod-based coffee machine products.

Beer brewing giants Anheuser Busch-InBev are teaming up with Keurig, a US based firm that manufactures and selling coffee dispensing systems in the style of the Tassimo or Nespresso in the US.

As reported by Mashable, the system will take inspiration from Keurig’s previous venture of sorts in this particular field; the Kold soda machine.

The only difference being that this particular system will focus on beer, cocktails and other alcoholic drinks, though there is no word on whether wine will also be an option.

Pint for the Queen

With customers essentially purchasing a drinks making machine as well as pods containing their drink of choice, the system could solve any issues concerning drink storage and temperature though it is unlikely to go down well with brewing purists. 

The UK, in particular, is home to a dedicated and large group real ale drinks while Germany’s purity laws concerning the brewing of alcohol could end up contravened should such a system end up being created.

The cast of World's End downing pints of beer
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That said, with drinkers increasingly opting to drink at home rather than head out to a local bar, it could prove just the thing.

It could ultimately come down to a matter of taste – the taste of the beer, that is.


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