Tara Reid’s Sharknado 5 Could Be The Most Ridiculous Movie Ever Made

The new TV movie features some of the most bizarre celebrity cameos we've ever seen...

Sharknado The Tara Reid film series Image Getty Images

If you’ve never seen any of the Sharknado movies before, do yourself a favour and give them a watch.  

Imagine if you can the naffest, low-budget film with the least convincing special-effects you’ve ever seen, and you’re about halfway there…

As any fan will tell you, the Sharknado films are so bad, they’re quite brilliant, and the TV movies have gained a real cult following over the years.

Now though, it sounds as though the franchise is stepping up a gear for Sharknado 5: Global Swarming, which sounds like one of the most ridiculous movies ever made.

Details about the film have been revealed, as well as the cast list, which might be the most bizarre list we’ve ever seen.

Tara Reid has starred in all of the previous four of the films, and this time she’s joined by Olivia Newton-John and her daughter Chloe Lattanzi.

They will both star as scientists attempting to save Australia from a giant storm of killer Great White sharks in the film, which features the tag-line: “Make America Bait Again!’

That’s not all though – also joining them will be British stars Katie Price, glamour model Lucy Pinder and olympic diver Tom Daley, obviously…

Sharknado stars Lucy Pinder, Tom Daley and Katie Price
Sharknado stars Lucy Pinder, Tom Daley and Katie Price Sharknado stars Lucy Pinder, Tom Daley and Katie Price Image Getty Images

The trio are just two of the stars we can expect cameos from in the film, which will also feature skateboarder Tony Hawks, Australian TV hosts Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson, and romance novel model Fabio, who will be playing the pope.

The plot of the film will see Tara Reid’s character team up with Ian Zierin’s Fin to track a huge Sharknado around locations such as Rio, London, Rome, Australia and Amsterdam, in a bid to find their trapped son.

The whole thing is downright bizarre, and fans can catch the movie when it airs on Syfy on August 6. 

Syfy recently confirmed that the fifth instalment of Sharknado would be the final film in the series. While fans will be sad to see it go, it sounds like the movie will be one hell of a sign off.

Watch some classic Sharknado action below:

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