Tania Raymonde: The Goliath Star You Probably Recognise But Can’t Recall Why

The 28-year-old, who has featured in several major TV shows, is definitely one to watch.

Tania Raymonde Image Getty

Tania Raymonde has a face that will be familiar to millions.

An experienced film and television star despite her relatively tender age, Raymonde has 30 credits from TV shows far and wide to her name, though a couple certainly stand out and could even jog a few memories when it comes to remembering where you last saw her.

Tania Raymonde in Malcolm In The Middle
Tania Raymonde In Malcolm In The Middle Image Fox

Bryan Cranston may have been the surprise star to emerge from Malcolm In The Middle but he’s not the only one to have enjoyed a great career since the show finished.

Cast in the role of Malcolm’s geeky, socially awkward classmate Cynthia Sanders, Raymonde used her memorable four-episode stint on the show as a launchpad to bigger and better things.

Tania Raymonde on Instagram
Tania Raymonde On Instagram Image Tania Raymonde Instagram

Arguably the most notable of the roles that followed for Raymonde came on Lost, where she played the largely thankless role of Alex Rousseau for four years.

Plenty of bit parts have followed since, with Raymonde turning her hand to everything from a eye-catching role in Texas Chainsaw 3D to a Maroon 5 music video.

Tania Raymonde on social media
Tania Raymonde Is popular on social media Image Tania Raymonde on Instagram.

Along the way Raymonde has popped up in all the familiar US TV favourites – CSI, Hawaii Five-O, Bones, Law & Order, NCIS…heck, she’s even been in The Big Bang Theory.

However, it’s her latest role as Brittany Gold on Amazon Prime original series Goliath that could be the one to well and truly put her on the map.

Tania Raymonde in Goliath
Tania Raymonde In Goliath Image Amazon Prime

Playing the part of Gold, a legal secretary who also happens to moonlight as an escort, Raymonde shares much of her screen time with the show’s chief star Billy Bob Thornton and provides plenty of the series more memorable moments.

Still some two years away from hitting 30 and with a wealth of experience already under her belt, Raymonde has made good on the promise she showed in Malcolm In The Middle and Lost.

Tania Raymonde in Goliath
Tania Raymonde In Goliath again Image Amazon Prime

Keep this up and she’ll stop being “that lady from that thing” and just become Tania Raymonde, actress and star in her own right.

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