Watch: Europe’s Tallest Roller Coaster Flies To 111.9km In 5 Seconds

The Red Force is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Europe

The Ferrari Red Force from Ferrari Land.
Full Force The Ferrari Red Force Image Getty

PortAventura World in sunny Tarragona, Spain has always been a popular theme park resort for those seeking thrills and spills aplenty in the sun, but it’s only in recent months that the park has been home to Europe’s tallest and fastest roller coaster.

It’s called Red Force and, as part of the newly-opened Ferrari Land at the popular resort, it regularly goes from a speed of 0 to 112 kilometres per hour in just five seconds.

Combing astonishing speed with spectacular views, Red Force takes passengers up to a dizzying height of 112 metres (367 feet) before speeding back down to earth – and all in the space of just 18 blistering seconds across an 880-metre route.

The Red Force Ferrari in action.
Vroom, vroom The Red Force Ferrari Image Getty

The undoubted centerpiece of the Ferrari Land experience at PortAventura, the ride only opened last April but is already earning rave reviews.

It’s difficult to really do the ride justice without experiencing it yourself, although this head-first YouTube review certainly offers up an indication of what to expect.

It’s fast, frenetic and pretty scary to just watch even from there, with the added bonus of authentic “Formula One-style” noises. It’s probably worth noting that there are some height restrictions too, with no one shorter than 1.40m or taller than 1.95 allowed onboard.

The entire park didn’t come cheap either, with PortAventura’s owners forking out some £855 million to build the ode to one of motorsport’s most iconic brands.

And after some early hiccups, which saw the Red Force ride closed during the park’s first day of being open, this may have just set a new benchmark for pure speed in the realm of the roller coaster. You had best book those flights to Barcelona now – it’s not too far from there.

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