Trainspotting 2 trailer shows original cast still have Lust for Life

Here’s what Renton, Sick Boy et al look like now.

Ewan McGregor in TrainspottingImage Picture Film4/Polygram Pictures

If you weren’t excited enough about Trainspotting 2 already, then this new trailer for the hotly-anticipated sequel should seal the deal.

The brief clip, soundtracked to Iggy Pop’s Lust for Life, shows Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, Ewen Bremner and Robert Carlyle back in their iconic roles and recreating a famous scene from the original.

The quartet are stood lined up along the platform at the Corrour railway station as the Iggy tune blasts out. This time Carlyle’s Begbie steps in to replace Kevin McKidd (RIP Tommy), who was stood with the other three during the first film’s scene.

The trailer’s enough to bring memories of the 90s classic flooding back, and fans will finally get to see the quartet reunited when Trainspotting 2, seemingly titled T2, arrives in cinemas in January 2017.

No plot details are out there yet, but expect it to borrow a bit from Irvine Welsh’s sequel novel Porno.

This trailer, and recent set photographs, show the main characters looking a world away from the strung-out heroin addicts we last saw in the 90s.

Presumably everyone involved went straight, moved on and chose life. Renton also looks like he’s buried the hatchet with Begbie and Co. after ripping them off to the tune of £16,000 at the close of the last film.

Time heals all wounds, as you can see from the trailer below…

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