This Special T-shirt Could Save Your Life On The Road

Saving lives, one v-neck at a time...

This t-shirt will hopefully save lives on the road... Image GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images

A Japanese company has created a t-shirt to put a stop to dangerous driver fatigue.

Twenty percent of car crashes in the United Kingdom are caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel. It’s also a worldwide problem, so the company Toyobo along with Union Tool created Cocomi, a ‘drowsiness detecting shirt,’ that can monitor the electric signals in the heart that preempt sleep. [via Japan Trends]

If a person were to fall sleep while wearing it, an alarm would sound in the shirt and wake them up.


The shirt itself is made from a thin material that layers nicely under clothing. Within the fabric is a tiny device or notifier containing an algorithm that keeps a look out for specific patterns that occur within our tickers before we doze off.

It does this by using thin electrodes and a conductive sheet which rests on the chest. The garment resembles a workout shirt or regular undershirt. It even comes in a sports bra version for women.


Right now this remarkable t-shirt is being tested by Chunichi Rinkai Bus Company in Japan. Later this year, Toyobo plans on releasing it throughout the country. Hopefully, if all goes well, it will be available internationally.

The roads are about to get a whole lot safer.

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