Sylvester Stallone’s Cliffhanger has been turned into a musical

Get ready to hear Sly Stallone like never before.

Sylvester Stallone in Cliffhanger.
Cliffhanger Starring Sylvester Stallone. Image TriStar

In the modern age of sequels, remakes and reboots it can make for depressing viewing to see a film you once loved turned into a polished, big-budget turd in the name of Hollywood.

Every once in a while though, revisiting a classic with a fresh perspective can actually be a good thing – just ask musical duo Legolambs.

“The world’s number one source for internet musicals of both classic and modern cinema,” according to to their YouTube page, real life writers, composers and video editors Jon and Al Kaplan have covered everything from Creed to Jaws in their seven years online.

Their latest creation may be among their best yet though with the pair on inspired form with Cliffhanger: The Musical.

Basing the lyrics around the events of the classic 90s film of the same name, which also starred Michael Rooker, Jon Lithgow and Craig Fairbrass, this trailer features a spot-on Stallone impression as Sly laments “not letting go of letting go.”

Captured alongside the film’s many highlights, it also serves as a hark back to a simpler time in cinema when heroes were heroes and villains were dispatched in a series of gruesome and increasingly inventive ways.

Could Cliffhanger: The Musical ever work? Perhaps not, but then that was what they said about The Bodyguard before that made it to the stage.

Stallone would probably be up for it, though loaded is not surely fans have forgiven him for Rhinestone yet – the 1984 musical he starred in alongside Dolly Parton.

Maybe just leave the musicals to the professionals, Sly.

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