Everyone’s falling for Sylvester Stallone’s knock-out daughter Sophia

Her Instagram feed has us out for the count.

Sophia Stallone and Sylvester Stallone
Knock out Sophia Stallone with pop Sly. Image Picture Sophie Stallone/Instagram

Sylvester Stallone has delivered many a decisive right hook in the ring as Rocky Balboa, but now he’s responsible for an Instagram knock-out.

Sly’s eldest daughter Sophia Stallone is a fast-rising social media star, treating her 175,000 Insta followers to glorious holiday photos and selfies of her with her mum, ex-model Jennifer Flavin, and A-lister dad.

Sophia is currently on a break from studying at the University of Southern California, so there’s plenty of time for sun-kissed snaps straight from the beach.

Just as her dad had to overcome insurmountable odds across the Rocky films, Sophia, too, has taken on life’s challenges. She was born with a hole in her heart and has had to undergo open-heart surgery – twice.

“I can do everything now, I just have these scars,” she told The Telegraph. “And, actually, I feel like a better person today because of what happened – more of an old soul, I guess.

“It forced me to grow up, seeing my mum and dad freaking out the way they did. Watching them crying and looking so terrified meant that I had to hold it together, and when I was getting a little woozy just before, I remember looking at mum and dad crying and saying to them, ‘I love you and I will come out of this.'”

Here’s why Sophia Stallone needs to be your new Instagram follow…


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