Your Sylvanian Families Collection Could Be Worth Serious Money

Those furry toys you collected from back in the day could be worth major cash

Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families were once the must-have toy for an entire generation of kids and these furry figurines may soon be seriously in-demand all over again.

It comes after various reports revealed that Sylvanian Families toys from back in the day are selling for pretty substantial sums on eBay.

Essentially the Beanie Babies or Pokemon of their day, Sylvanian Families first arrived way back in 1985 before hitting the big time in the UK just two years later.

Over the next decade, the models and their assorted miniature furniture and building sets have continued to prove popular with kids far and wide.

Fast forward to the present day, however, and it would appear that the demand surrounding Sylvanian Families is showing no signs of abating.

Back in January, a Sylvanian Families Japanese Doll Of The Year fetched a sensational £500 on eBay. 

The rabbit figure dated back to 2003 and boasted a yellow dress and pearl headband. One of only 100 made, it’s not the only toy from the range to carry a major price tag.

Nice rabbit That'll be £500 Image eBay

Another eBay listing of a giant Sylvanian Families rabbit Listed as a “Giant Sylvania Families ‘Freya’ Chocolate Rabbit” is on eBay for a whopping £750.

A Syvanian Families Kitchen and Restaurant set, including figures, is also up for sale at just over £400 including postage.

It might be time to dust off the old toy collection to see if you’ve got anything that could prove popular online.

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