British Man Reveals Picture Of ‘Sword-Wielding Ghost’

Do you believe in ghosts? John Mooner does and he’s got the picture to prove it.

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I ain't afraid of no ghost Aren't we all? Image Columbia Pictures

Ghosts not only exist but also spend their days haunting us helpless mortals while wielding special ghost swords.

Sounds crazy, right? Well, it’s no laughing matter for South Devon UFO expert and ghost hunter John Mooner who discovered the sabre-armed spectre during a trip around the scenic locale of Cockington.

Speaking to the Torquay Herald Express, Mooner tried to explain what he captured on camera, insisting the image is that of a ghost rather than, say, the smoke that emanates from a standard cigarette.

“I was not smoking and there was not any smoke when the photograph was taken,” he told the news source. 

John Mooner's ghost picture


“It really is a peculiar manifestation. If you look closely at the photograph you can clearly see a ghost of someone in a hat with a cape wielding a sword with a hand guard.”

Though not visible on first viewing, a handy diagram helps identify the various bits and pieces of this particular ghoul.

John Mooner picture.


“The ghost appears to be manifesting from the top of a wall right side of the the arch. This is incredible.”

Incredible is certainly one word to describe the images presented which, if correct, point to a spirit world teaming with armed pirates and other ne’er-do-wells – that’s on top of the sex-loving ghosts previously highlighted by Reddit users.

Quite whether they are enough in themselves to convince anyone that ghosts not only exist but come armed and dangerous is a tough one, though loaded would certainly suggest otherwise.

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