Looking To Save Some Serious Cash? Try Living Like A Swede

Adopting the Lagom mindset could save you a lot of money in the long run.

A series of stacks of pennies.
Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves

The arduous task of saving money can be a pain in the arse at the best of times but there might be a simpler way to skimp and save – by living like a Swede.

Dubbed the “Lagom” way of life, which roughly translates to “in moderation” or “in balance”, the idea is to try and live more sustainably by following a few basic rules.

An approach fully endorsed by Scandinavian flat-pack furniture giants IKEA, who actually teach a programme offering tips and advice, the idea has even been put into action by 24-year-old Manchester-based student Anna Lysik.

Chronicled as part of a feature for The Mirror money section, Lysik saw significant savings in two particular areas: energy bills and food.

Keen to use less of the former, rather than turn up the thermostat, Lysik opted to instead make use of blankets and duvets to keep warm while energy saving light bulbs were also installed around the house, helping shave around £108 off her energy bills every year.

The biggest savings came in food shopping though with Lysik previously guilty of spending around £120 a week as part of a lifestyle that saw leftovers often binned and take aways ordered one too many times.

Instead, she committed to cooking three times a week and storing more food for future meals, resulting in an astonishing saving of around £2,600 a year.

“I’ve saved so much money, which is something I thought I would never do. I have struggled with my student debt since university, but I have now paid off my student overdraft and even have savings,” Anna told The Mirror.

Keen to extol the virtues of the Lagom approach, Lysik offered up the following tips for anyone looking to cut costs in a similar away:


Plan meals out every week so you know exactly what you need, avoiding waste in the process.


Cook big dishes in bulk that can be saved for future meals while reduced the amount you cook.


Store the food properly in Tupperware boxes or something similar.


Stay conscious of heating – it’s costly in winter and, in some instances unnecessary.

 The advice comes as people across the UK seek new ways to save money.

Previously, a list advising the best times to take advantage of reduced price items at all of the UK’s biggest supermarket chains was revealed online.

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