Swedish Club Takes Stand Against OWN Players Diving And Cheating

If you despise play-acting in the world of football then Osters IF are the team for you.

Diving Simulation is an unsavoury part of the game Image Getty

The debate surrounding the influx of diving and play acting in the world of football reared it’s head again this week following the antics of Jamie Vardy in the Champions League.

Vardy was captured on camera pretending to be hurt during Leicester’s 2-0 victory over Sevilla when Nasri nodded his head in the direction of the England striker.

Falling to the floor in mock agony, the reaction did not go down well with fans or Roy Keane, for that matter, who labelled the forward a cheat.

Vardy will likely avoid any form of punishment for his antics but it would be an entirely different matter if he was playing for Osters IF over in Sweden.

Because the Scandinavian club is taking a stand against diving and play-acting with a new zero-tolerance policy.

Jamie Vardy Going head-to-head with Samir Nasri Image Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

As first reported by Aftonbladet, the initiative has been put together by club executives Mathias Concha, Johan Lindberg and Peter Wibran as part of a plan to introduce more honesty and integrity into the club’s play.

“We want to make a difference, and are therefore ready to act against our players and leaders. We believe that we as an association can be influential, and that our work will also put pressure on other clubs to take a similar position,” Lindberg explained to the publication.

“I do not want this virus in my squad. If a player is doing things like this, it does not matter if he is good – I do not want him.”

The change will see any divers and supposed cheats punished with fines and suspensions, while any prospective signings will be screened to assess whether they fit in with the ethos of the club i.e. whether they have a track record for diving etc.

Osters IF The Swedish team taking a stand

So even if Vardy did want to move there, he probably wouldn’t be allowed to.

Not that he would. Unless Osters is home to some sort of giant WKD factory we’re all unaware of, of course.

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